Unscented Tealights

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Stock up on our Unscented Tealight candles for wax melt burners - a must for any wax melt connoisseur!

These little lights are perfect for adding some extra ambiance to any room, a must have for cozy moments. Simple and unscented, these candles will ensure that your beautifully fragranced wax melts do all the talking!


Vegan Friendly

Cruelty Free

100% Recyclable

Eco Friendly

Plastic Free

Made by Hand


    Product Info

    Directions for use

    Remove all packaging and place a tea light under your wax melt burner. Light the tea light and enjoy as your wax melts and releases a beautiful aroma into your home.


    Do not move while tea light is lit or wax is molten.


    Contains - 15 tea lights

    All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.